DRLM Services – antiga juny 2022

  • Technical assistance.
  • Hotfixes.
  • Updated software packages.
  • Professional services.

DRLM is open source software and it is freely available to download and use.
For professional use we offer Subscription, Support and other professional services for DRLM and ReaR, more details below.


  • Continuous development, bug-fixes and quality assurance.
  • Guaranteed software packages.
  • Unlimited DRLM servers.

Subscription level DRLM Clients €/year
SUBS-5C 5 250€
SUBS-10C 10 400€
SUBS-50C 50 1500€
SUBS-100C 100 2500€
SUBS-250C 250 5000€


- Subscription term is 1 year, multi-year pricing upon request.
- The subscription model is based on the number of clients. The number of DRLM servers to use is unlimited.
- Access to guaranteed* DRLM packages provided by Brain Updaters.
- Package updates are released as soon as new features, enhancements or bugfixes are integrated and properly tested.
- Software packages provided for all DRLM supported GNU/Linux systems: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, SUSE, OpenSUSE.

* For other options and/or queries about Subscriptions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Support levels

  • Incident reporting.
  • Analysis of issues and bug fixes.
  • Technical assistance.

Support level Description # issues Response time €/year
SUPP-Q Quick start 3 3 labor days 1000€
SUPP-B Basic 5 3 labor days 1500€
SUPP-S Standard 10 1 labor day 2800€
SUPP-A Advance 20 1 labor day 5300€
SUPP-P Professional 50 4 hours 13000€
SUPP-E Enterprise 150 4 hours (24/7) 36000€


- Support requires a valid subscription
- Support term is 1 year, multi-year terms upon request.
- Incidents and issues will be analyzed, bugs and unexpected behavior will be fixed.
- If a bug has been fixed, the fix will usually be checked into the source repository, pass through QA and will get into the next release. If it is a severe bug or security issue, a hotfix will be provided.
- The bug fixes are provided with package updates or in some critical cases we might provide manual patches to avoid having to wait for the new package.
- Issues can be reported via phone*, e-mail or the ticket system.
- Response times count within business hours of Brain Updaters, Monday to Friday 09:00h-17:00h (CET), except for holidays in Spain (Catalonia)**.
* SUPP-E only.
** SUPP-E is 24/7 service.

Professional Services

DRLM & ReaR Installation Services

Installation packs to install # DRLM # Clients Price
INST-S DRLM 1 0 250€
INST-C5 ReaR 0 5 clients 350€
INST-C10 ReaR 0 10 clients 600€
INST-C25 ReaR 0 25 clients 1200€


- All (DRLM/ReaR) Installation services will require a remote connection (vpn, ssh). | Hours: 9:00h-17:00h (Mon-Fri).

DRLM & ReaR Consulting Services

If you need expert assistance on your GNU/Linux Disaster Recovery Infrastructure, we can help you:

  • Writing and implementing a disaster recovery policy within your company.
  • Designing and configuring DRLM/ReaR as a Central Disaster Recovery solution for your GNU/Linux servers.
  • Troubleshooting an existing disaster recovery solution based on DRLM.
  • Migrate Disaster Recovery solutions based on older or legacy DR methods towards DRLM.
  • Writing Disaster Recovery manuals based on DRLM.
  • DRLM Training sessions. Given by one of the DRLM project founders and maintainers.

* DRLM Consulting services can be delivered remotely, on-site, or any other means agreed upon.

DRLM & ReaR Sponsored Development

If you want to add any features or custom requirements in DRLM, we can develop it for you:

  • Coding new components and/or features within DRLM or ReaR.
  • Integration for external (open source or commercial) backup solutions.
  • Integration for external (open source or commercial) monitoring solutions.