Success stories

Grifols implements RedHat Satellite 6 to manage the lifecycle of their GNU/Linux systems.

The IT Department of Grifols, with whom we have worked and helped integrating Open Source technologies during the last years, needed a solution in order to assure that all of their Linux systems, with all of their services, maintained the same version of software packages, kernel, libraries, etc., among all of their environments: from development to production.

Grifols implemented DRLM as a solution to manage the DR of their GNU/Linux systems

Grifols is a global healthcare sector company and as such have very high requirements in terms of availability and performance of their IT systems. The Grifols IT Department  contact us to find a solution to ensure the recovery in case of disaster of their GNU/Linux Operating Systems.

InterSystems Caché and SAP systems migration from Solaris – SunCluster to Redhat – Cluster Suite

Laboratorios Dr Echevarne is one of the leading and most advanced laboratories of the Spanish state.
The IT department of Laboratorios Dr. Echevarne intended to improve performance and availability while reducing the costs of their InterSystems Caché and SAP systems. These systems were running on propietary UNIX (Solaris 10 SPARC with Solaris Cluster).

UPS monitoring using Network UPS Tools (NUT)

Easy Innova is a center specialized in R&Di, technological innovation, artificial intelligence and European programs. Their IT Department had the need to improve the management of their data center. They have UPS, but wanted to go further by automating the systems shutdown if the batteries are discharged before recovering the electrical supply in case of power failure.