DRLM Services

  • Technical assistance.
  • Hotfixes.
  • Updated software packages.
  • Professional services.

DRLM is a best in class Disaster Recovery solution for GNU/Linux systems.
Not only can an entire system be recovered in a few minutes, but DRLM also
serves as the ideal vendor agnostic solution for all system migrations and OS
deployments. Additionally, it is also a versatile data backup tool supporting
data encryption and incremental backups.


Disaster Recovery

The main concern of DRLM is to provide Disaster Recovery to your systems (desktops, servers, laptops, ...) using GNU/Linux. From the Datacenter to your Home or Office, with standard tools and proto cols. You can recover an entire system in a few minutes, no matter if your system is virtual or physical, or even the vendor.

Data Backups

Avoid data loss and protect yourself from GNU/Linux Ransomware attacks with data encryption and smart incremental backups.

Migration Tool

DRLM is a vendor agnostic solution for all your system migrations. Physical workloads can be migrated to the virtualization platform of choice, or even existing VMs to other virtualization platforms. P2V, V2V, P2P & V2P* are all possible with DRLM.

*Physical to Virtual, Virtual to Virtual, Physical to Physical, Virtual to Physical

OS deployments

Install new systems from any DRLM backup image as a template for a new GNU/Linux Server or Desktop.

Support & Subscriptions

  • Support requires a valid subscription.

Quick start Basic Standard Advanced Professional Enterprise
Issues 3 5 10 20 50 150
Response Time 3d* 3d* 1d* 1d* 4h 4h (24/7)

*Working days


Incident reporting, analysis of issues and bug fixes, technical assistance.


Continuous development & bug-fixes, guaranteed software packages, unlimited DRLM servers.

Consultancy Services

  • If you need expert assistance on your GNU/Linux Disaster Recovery infrastructure, we can help you
  • DRLM & ReaR Installation Services
  • Writing and implementing a disaster recovery policy within your company.
  • Designing and configuring DRLM/ReaR as a Central Disaster Recove ry solution for your GNU/Linux servers.
  • Troubleshooting an existing disaster recovery solution based on DRLM.
  • Migrate Disaster Recovery solutions based on older or legacy DR methods towards DRLM.
  • Writing Disaster Recovery manuals based on DRLM.
  • DRLM training sessions given by our experts.

* DRLM Consulting services can be delivered remotely, on-site, or any other means agreed upon.

Sponsored Development

If you want to add any features or custom requirements in DRLM, we can develop it for you

  • Coding new components and/or features within DRLM or ReaR.
  • Integration for external (open source or commercial) backup solutions.
  • Integration for external (open source or commercial) monitoring solutions.