BrainUpdaters takes part in the Backup and Disaster Recovery Devroom at FOSDEM’17

Disaster Recovery management with ReaR and DRLM Workshop

BrainUpdaters team will give a talk about DRLM, an opensource tool for centralized management of Disaster Recovery for Linux.

You will have the opportunity to go deeper into the DRLM (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager) tool and know more about the project history, features, news and a complete workshop on DR management with ReaR and DRLM.


We encourage you to attend to the talk and ask questions to our speaker, Didac Oliveria, co-founder and maintainer at DRLM Project.

Also an informal talk with ReaR, DRLM and Bareos users, about what they would like to implement in future ReaR, DRLM and Bareos versions will be offered to conclude all sessions of the Backup and Disaster Recovery Devroom.

Here more details about the talks and the schedule: