The importance of a disaster recovery plan (DRP)

Companies that have suffered a significant loss of data, 43% never reopens, while 29% closes after two years [1]. Computer systems are being increasingly critical and a service downtime of several hours or days directly become in very important economic impact.
Studies with a more holistic approach conclude that for every  1€ of investment in a pre-disaster plan it can mean a saving of 4€  in the response and recovery in the event that it happens [2].
Most SMBs do not have a disaster recovery plan and it is estimated that 25% of them do not reopen after a major disaster.
We will share with you an interesting article where you can deepen more on the subject:

BrainUpdaters takes part in the Backup and Disaster Recovery Devroom at FOSDEM’17

Disaster Recovery management with ReaR and DRLM Workshop

BrainUpdaters team will give a talk about DRLM, an opensource tool for centralized management of Disaster Recovery for Linux.

You will have the opportunity to go deeper into the DRLM (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager) tool and know more about the project history, features, news and a complete workshop on DR management with ReaR and DRLM.


We encourage you to attend to the talk and ask questions to our speaker, Didac Oliveria, co-founder and maintainer at DRLM Project.

Also an informal talk with ReaR, DRLM and Bareos users, about what they would like to implement in future ReaR, DRLM and Bareos versions will be offered to conclude all sessions of the Backup and Disaster Recovery Devroom.

Here more details about the talks and the schedule:


Brain Updaters present at OPEN EXPO Madrid 2016

Next June 2, is planned an event for all companies and professionals in Open source sector and is expected that will be present more than 2000 IT professionals. We will be there to show our Open Source based solutions and services to any professional or company interested, as we are experts in Open IT solutions based on GNU/Linux and Unix.


As sponsors of the event, we will have a booth to show all services provided and will make an interesting conference about GNU/Linux Disaster Recovery regarding the DRLM Project (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager). It is a Centralized Management Open source tool that allows us to manage backup and recovery of GNU/Linux operating systems in the Data Center in case of disaster, fully across network.

If you want to find out more about us and our services, please come and visit us at stand on 2 June, at the Open Expo in Madrid.

What is DRLM?

DRLM is the acronym for Disaster Recovery Linux Manager, a new open source tool that allows us to manage backup and recovery of GNU/Linux Operating Systems in our Datacenter in case of disaster, in a centralized manner and through the network.

I can not talk about DRLM without talking about ReaR (Relax-and-Recover). ReaR is the best standalone solution for DR (Disaster Recovery) of a GNU / Linux system.
ReaR is a great solution by itself, if we talk about a small group of GNU/Linux systems, but to
manage a large infrastructure or in continued growth becomes impossible, here is where DRLM comes in.

If we make an analogy with other tools in the UNIX world, we can say that ReaR would be equivalent to mksysb (IBM AIX) or Ignite (HP-UX) and DRLM would be a NIM Server (IBM AIX) or Ignite Server (HP-UX). So when we talk about DRLM always we are talking about ReaR too.

DRLM provides all services needed to boot a GNU/Linux system from our Datacenter network and recover it in minutes.

From DRLM we can launch centralized copies of any registered system, which allows us to have a record of backups made for each client and the choice to recover any of the available backups. With few simple commands, all needed services are configured, to have a fast recovery in case of disaster, hardware replacement, …

The latest stable version of DRLM (v1.1.1) is fully integrated with ReaR (v1.17) and it allows us to configure all clients from DRLM server, avoiding having to access each client to change any settings.

The DRLM team is already working on DRLM (v2.0.0). It will have new and interesting features in order to simplify and increase efficiency of Disaster Recovery of the GNU / Linux systems.

In future articles I will go deeply into details and explain how to install, configure, perform backups, … all about DRLM.

For more information about DRLM:

Project Website:
Online documentation:
(BU) Website:


The DRLM project is awarded at the 20th edition of the Premis Patronat (Patronage Award) of the Escola Politècnica Superior (Polytechnic School) of the University of Girona.

In this year the DRLM project has been awarded as best project of Technical Engineering in Computer Systems and project with greater practical applicability.


The Patronage Awards are few awards for the best project in each of the degrees taught at the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona. Parallel in recent editions, also it offers a unique prize to the project with greater practical applicability among those presented.

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They are prizes with a remarkable tradition in EPS which this year celebrates the 20th edition, an edition in which a total of thirteen awards will be given.

The Jury is composed by the Executive Council members of Patronat EPS (Polytechnic School Patronage) and always with the advice of technicians with proven worth.

In the edition held this year on June 30 in the Auditorium of the Polytechnic School in a formal act which is very traditional in the EPS and is one of the highlights of the academic year, the project DRLM It has been awarded as the best project of Technical Engineering in Computer Systems and project with greater practical applicability.

The event began with a lecture by the Hon. Mr. Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Generelitat of Catalonia, proceeded of parliaments by the director of the EPS Quim Dr. Salvi, the president of the Social Council of the UdG Dra. Rosa Núria Aleixandre and rector UdG Dr. Sergi Bonet.



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