Grifols implements RedHat Satellite 6 to manage the lifecycle of their GNU/Linux systems

The IT Department of Grifols, with whom we have worked and helped integrating Open Source technologies during the last years, needed a solution in order to assure that all of their Linux systems, with all of their services, maintained the same version of software packages, kernel, libraries, etc., among all of their environments: from development to production.

The main problem is that applying system patches inside a same service and among environments takes too much time, that is, since the beginning of a patch applying cycle in the development environment till the reaching of the production environment, weeks and almost months have gone by, which makes it impossible to maintain the same level of versions if the Internet repositories of the Linux distribution -RedHat Network in this case- are being used.

Inside BU we studied deeply this particular case and the needs of our client and we presented our proposal, which consisted in implementing RedHat Satellite 6 so the versions lifecycle could be managed and controlled in a centralized way for all the services and environments. That resulted in an implementation in different locations of Satellite Capsules in order to guarantee the availability of the service as well as an optimum performance for all of their worldwide data centers.

We decided to go for the version 6 of Satellite even though it was released in those dates (version 6.0.0), assuming the problems and errors that always go with totally fresh releases. During the project implementation, the platform was being updated and stabilized, as long as issues were being solved until we had it fully implemented and deployed in all of the systems in a stable way as we committed.

Nowadays the lifecycle of Grifols GNU/Linux operating systems is being managed with Satellite 6 in all of their data centers, reducing the amount of time needed in patch applying, incrementing the security and minimizing the maintenance windows, with a more accurate control of all of their GNU/Linux machines.

The implementation of RedHat Satellite 6 allowed us to achieve balanced and maintained landscapes among time, guaranteeing updates in a totally controlled, centralized and safe manner all along our worldwide GNU/Linux machines.
Its implementation, along with BU team, has been successful and the results show us that the decision of implementing the 6th release has been appropriate.
Fabio Ferraro (Business Platforms Area Manager)

Brain Updaters present at OPEN EXPO Madrid 2016

Next June 2, is planned an event for all companies and professionals in Open source sector and is expected that will be present more than 2000 IT professionals. We will be there to show our Open Source based solutions and services to any professional or company interested, as we are experts in Open IT solutions based on GNU/Linux and Unix.


As sponsors of the event, we will have a booth to show all services provided and will make an interesting conference about GNU/Linux Disaster Recovery regarding the DRLM Project (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager). It is a Centralized Management Open source tool that allows us to manage backup and recovery of GNU/Linux operating systems in the Data Center in case of disaster, fully across network.

If you want to find out more about us and our services, please come and visit us at stand on 2 June, at the Open Expo in Madrid.


The DRLM project is awarded at the 20th edition of the Premis Patronat (Patronage Award) of the Escola Politècnica Superior (Polytechnic School) of the University of Girona.

In this year the DRLM project has been awarded as best project of Technical Engineering in Computer Systems and project with greater practical applicability.


The Patronage Awards are few awards for the best project in each of the degrees taught at the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona. Parallel in recent editions, also it offers a unique prize to the project with greater practical applicability among those presented.

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They are prizes with a remarkable tradition in EPS which this year celebrates the 20th edition, an edition in which a total of thirteen awards will be given.

The Jury is composed by the Executive Council members of Patronat EPS (Polytechnic School Patronage) and always with the advice of technicians with proven worth.

In the edition held this year on June 30 in the Auditorium of the Polytechnic School in a formal act which is very traditional in the EPS and is one of the highlights of the academic year, the project DRLM It has been awarded as the best project of Technical Engineering in Computer Systems and project with greater practical applicability.

The event began with a lecture by the Hon. Mr. Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Generelitat of Catalonia, proceeded of parliaments by the director of the EPS Quim Dr. Salvi, the president of the Social Council of the UdG Dra. Rosa Núria Aleixandre and rector UdG Dr. Sergi Bonet.



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