What is DRLM?

DRLM is the acronym for Disaster Recovery Linux Manager, a new open source tool that allows us to manage backup and recovery of GNU/Linux Operating Systems in our Datacenter in case of disaster, in a centralized manner and through the network.

I can not talk about DRLM without talking about ReaR (Relax-and-Recover). ReaR is the best standalone solution for DR (Disaster Recovery) of a GNU / Linux system.
ReaR is a great solution by itself, if we talk about a small group of GNU/Linux systems, but to
manage a large infrastructure or in continued growth becomes impossible, here is where DRLM comes in.

If we make an analogy with other tools in the UNIX world, we can say that ReaR would be equivalent to mksysb (IBM AIX) or Ignite (HP-UX) and DRLM would be a NIM Server (IBM AIX) or Ignite Server (HP-UX). So when we talk about DRLM always we are talking about ReaR too.

DRLM provides all services needed to boot a GNU/Linux system from our Datacenter network and recover it in minutes.

From DRLM we can launch centralized copies of any registered system, which allows us to have a record of backups made for each client and the choice to recover any of the available backups. With few simple commands, all needed services are configured, to have a fast recovery in case of disaster, hardware replacement, …

The latest stable version of DRLM (v1.1.1) is fully integrated with ReaR (v1.17) and it allows us to configure all clients from DRLM server, avoiding having to access each client to change any settings.

The DRLM team is already working on DRLM (v2.0.0). It will have new and interesting features in order to simplify and increase efficiency of Disaster Recovery of the GNU / Linux systems.

In future articles I will go deeply into details and explain how to install, configure, perform backups, … all about DRLM.

For more information about DRLM:

Project Website: http://drlm.org
Online documentation: http://docs.drlm.org
(BU) Website: http://www.brainupdaters.net/success-stories